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I hate to let it go, but I have to say “goodbye”…

Thanks to everyone for this fantastic semester. I just feel it went away so fast. I enjoyed every minute of working with you and have learned so much from you through your blog comments, blogs, presentations, projects, and our casual conversations before, during, and after class.

I know some of you are graduating this semester and others are moving on to the Spring semester. I just want to wish you all the best – find a passion and pursue it.

A few words before you go… I still need the login name and password for Youtube group account. Some of you have expressed your interest yesterday to help me maintaining these accounts. I could not remember who did. Would you please send me an email with your prefered contact information (email)?

The final grades will be up on the Blackboard and CUNY First next Monday. Wish you have a great holiday season!

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GSLIS747 Online Survey

As this semester draws to its end, I am asking your favor to complete an online survey for this course. I know you must be busy with your finals, cannot wait to get out of this classroom, or just simply are tired of surveys, and I am not going to make a statement of how important this survey is and will be. I hope you understand how I value your opinions on this course, as it is the first hybrid course, the first gslis747 with this new content, and the first social media course I have taught so far.

Your responses will be collected anonymously without any identification of yours, including your name, your email, and your computer’s IP address. The information you provide will be used for research purpose only. Please state your opinions as frankly as possible. Your response will help me and the department in curriculum design and development.

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Course/Faculty Evaluations

The deadline for submitting course/faculty evaluations has been extended to December 21. If you haven’t yet submitted your evaluations, you still have time to do so at

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Vote for the Best Blogs

Just a gentle reminder – please look through your fellow students’ blogs. We are going to vote for the best blog and the best designed blog on Tuesday. Only one blog for each category. We are going to use clickers to vote, so please have the names of the blogs ready. Many thinks to Doris, who has designed the badges for our class. Here they are:

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Second Life Online

We had a wonderful session in Second Life, although we lost some of you along the way. I could feel your frustration, especially if you were not in the lab and were lost in this 3D environment. Two of you were disconnected several times, because of bad Internet connection. But overall, I think we learned from this session, at least, personally I learned. Remember, this was my first time to hold a class in Second Life. As one of you suggested, I am going to post an agenda for the next class on the blog.

My special thanks go to Riley, who gave me a few tips during our online session. Now I know how to find someone who is lost and lead him/her back to the spot by sending out a teleport invitation.

As I was standing on the cliff and watching you jumping off at the end of the session, I realized that the message I typed is the message I would like to convey to you at the end of this semester – jump down, explore, and have fun!

click on the photo to enlarge.

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Your SL Name

If you have not given me a direct tweet with your SL name and have not friended me in SL by now, go ahead straight to inworld and friend me by 7pm. I do not have access to SL before 7pm and will not be able to add you to my friend list before your field trip starts.

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Tuesday, Dec. 7th Online

Our class will go on a field trip – to Second Life at 4pm SL Time/7pm Easten Time. We are going to

  • meet in front of San Jose State’s School of Libra, SJSU SLIS (128, 128, 34), and

  • visit Community Virtual Library, Info Island (89, 122, 33)

I suggest you go ahead and visit these places before Tuesday. Landmark them. My inworld name is rli0 frostbite. I will be in the lab (in physical world, not virtual world) at 7pm. If you have not friend me in Second Life or send me a tweet with your in-world name, please do so as soon as possible.

I visited Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum Friday night and decided the class to meet there. I had heard last week that the museum was going to be closed December 10th. So I hoped that we might pay a last visit. It was the most beautiful museum in Second Life, just celebrated its first anniversary this summer. As you may see from the comment Helen posted that it has been closed this Sunday. So we have to cancel the trip. You may check out the link Helen posted below and also go to to look at those photos on Flickr.

Just a reminder, your presence at this online session is required. It is part of our next Tuesday’s assignment.

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Your Name in Second Life

Once you sign up in Second Life, please send a direct tweet to me informing me your full name, so that we can find each other next Tuesday in SL. You may also friend me in Second Life. My inworld name: rli0 frostbite.

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